Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday, was quite peaceful for once :)

Well yesterday was quite hectic. Mark too the kids to dads group at pen green and they had a great time as usual. :) Gave me the chance to do some housework.

They played hide and seek, nobody found Caitlin.

She was very pleased with herself. lol.

Afterwards we went shopping then came home for me to cook roast dinner. All in all busy day.
Today however was the complete opposite. :) The kids played happily in the front garden while I cut down more of the huge ugly bush which is out there. I also dug up some of the roots but managed to snap the gardening fork in half. woops. lol. So finishing the jobs been put on the backburner untill we can get a new one. In the afternoon the kids played in the back garden, then up in Camerons room together. Honestly there were no fights ALL afternoon! I read 3 magazines and finished all the puzzles in two of them! Kept checking on the kids to make sure they hadnt killed each other. lol.
To be honest it was just what the dr ordered as we have quite a hectic week, tomorrow the kids swing is being delivered plus nursery, dr and family visits, wednesday we're going to a local playcenter, thursday I have training all day then dr with my sister, then friday mark is spending the day with his friends while I take the kids out for the day. Think we'll all be shattered by Saturday!
Well I saw this on another blog while blopping (love that word) and quite liked it so thought I'd give it a go. :)

LISTENING: To the kids complain they don't want to go to bed yet
EATING: Nothing, but having some strawberrys and ww brownie soon. :)
WEARING: Leggings and t-shirt
FEELING: sore, lol.
WEATHER: Was really nice and sunny today. :) dark now though. lol
WANTING: To title all the layouts piled in front of me
NEEDING: To sort the huge pile of washign in the bedroom
THINKING: Glee on tonight!
ENJOYING: The feeling I'm getting there with home improvements
WONDERING: What to make for dinner tomorrow. Need to take stuff out the freezer I'm thinking. lol

Better go put kids to bed. WAY past bedtime and Camerons yawning. :)

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  1. Lol I cant stop laughing at Caitlins hiding place bless her :) xx


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