Monday, 28 March 2011

Spring clean. :)

First off, today went ok, didnt get the bloody mammogram in the end as dr said Im too young for it to show anything. He thinks its hormonal pain though and has sent off some samples. Was SO embreassing though. It was very hot in the room and the examination was so painfull I nearly passed out and threw up against the wall. :0 Felt fine after a glass of water and a lie down and the nurse was really nice but was still embrassing.
Anyway, onto nicer things. :) As my hubby will tell you I get bored very easily. I need some form of project to keep me going. At the moment its spring cleaning. I LOVE this time of year, getting rid of all the clutter and sorting through everything. We used to do a car boot sale pretty much every week but with the kids its not possible, thank goodness for online sales. :) So far I've gutted Caitlins room, threw away lots of old toys and sold some of her clothes. Also done our room and tackling Camerons room tomorrow. I really wanted to get the garage sorted but we're getting the loft insulation redone on wednesday so no point doing it untill then as we can start boarding the loft. :) Quite excited about that.
So busy at the moment. :) Marks off to northampton tomorrow for a hospital appointment. We think its a brain scan but not sure, he has too many appointments. lol. So kids are at nursery and Mark out got the morning to myself. Might scrap, might sit in bed and watch tv, or might tackle the toy box as nobody will be here to moan at me for throwing out stuff. lol

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