Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sarahs cards day two

Well day two I woke up feeling a little worse for wear. lol. Breakfast helped, tried to stick to weight watchers a bit but as everything was drenched in oil was quite hard. lol. Did avoid the pastry's though so proud of myself there!
Our first class today was sewing class. What a hoot by Natalie Grant. I was looking forward to this one as Ive got loads of felt I never touch. I attempted the blanket stitch but just couldn't get the hand of it so just did this one (think its called a running stitch) then back stitch on the swirls. Took ages but pleased with it. :)

Close up of owl. (Yes it is an owl, lol) The layout is called 'It's real!' As Caitlin was less than impressed when the elephant started moving and trumpeting just as I took the photo. lol

Next class and I LOVE this one!! Vintage vogue by Claire Wheatley. Now I admit I wasn't looking forward to this one. I hate vintage papers and I'm not a big fan of hand cutting either. lol. However this turned out to be one of my faves from the weekend. :) The photos I took were the wrong way round (woops) but I'm really pleased with the result and think they go well. :) I thought the little buttons that were included were dieal too as there was a big blue one and a little pink one. :) Perfect for a layout about Caitlin and her daddy. :) The photo really doesnt do it justice as theres so much detail and sparkle in there. We were also given a whole bottle of mica mist with the kit. Bonus!

After class we had a lunch break. This was held in the main hall as was a buffet. Remember how I said there was a stressy guy before, well hes been replaces by a stressy woman. lol. Seriously she was like 2 foot tall but was SO rude! The 'only sit in designated places as we cant be arsed to reset the tables if we dont have to' rule was still in force, so a few ladies went to put their bags down first and return for food. Well the little hitler lady went mental! Shouting at them 'If you leave the line you will need to go to the back! Do not sit down first!' God was like being at school again! Respect to the ladies they had a strong word and little hitler apologised, but was still daft it happened in the first place. On that note however lunch was yummy, lol.
Back to classes! Seriously was go, go, go, all weekend :) This one was by Lianne but I cannot remember the name. lol. The idea behind this class was that while lace paper is great, its SO hard to use! So we had rose lace paper, backed it onto different types of patterned paper and used it as embellishments. :) This was really fiddly but so pretty! Loved the photo I picked with it too. Was much easier this year as we had a little snippet of the layout we'd be doing so was easier to choose. :)

Final Layout. Now this one I didnt do in the class. After the night before and sitting in a chair all day my back was killing me and I was flagging. lol. So Louise explained a few bits of it to me (thanks love!) and gave me the kit so I could go relax in the bath for a bit. :) Must say I felt SO much better afterwards. :)
So after the bath i settled down to do the kit from the instructions. Now trust me to miss the class with 46 steps! I admit I skipped a few and ended up making some of it up but I like what I came out with in the end. lol. The back has been gutted out and put onto acetate which Ive never done before but I like it. :)

After dinner we had bingo and a challenge but more on that tomorrow as I think I've waffled on enough now. :)


  1. Loving seeing all your layouts Gemma - even though I was sat behind you I didn't always get to see your finished layouts. I will get mine photographed and uploaded soon.

    Karen x

  2. Sounds like a fab weekend! lovely layouts!

  3. Fab layouts, sounds like you had a great time (with the exception of Lunch Lady Doris lol)


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