Saturday, 12 March 2011

well, day didnt go quite to plan.

Well today I should have been at my monthly crop. However things went a bit wrong.
Camerons been a pain in the ass this week, I mean a COMPLETE pain in the ass to the point where I was crying last night not knowing what to do. As a result I really couldnt go today and leave Mark to handle both kids. Turned out it was a good thing too. Mum took him and my neice to the cinima this morning, rung me after the film to inform me Cameron had just thrown up all over KFC. :S OMG I felt So guilty for being mad at hows he's been behaving when obviously its just been the start of this bug. :( Though in my defence he's very much 'the boy who cried wolf' when it comes to tummy aches and feeling poorly. So mum brought him home and I promptly dumped him in the bath. He seems perfectly fine now however so hoping thats it out of his system, whatever it was. :) He's also back to his well behvaed (well, better behaved :) ) self. :)
So that aside, as I was supposed to be at my crop today hubby kept daughter entertained while I did some scrapping at my desk. :) Caitlin however got bored quite quickly and watched tv instead. So this is what Mark made.

Im thinking he had more fun with playdough than she did. lol
Well I managed a few layouts before poorly cam came home. I really should get started on this pile too.
This is a pile of layouts that need titles. My aplpahs are all shoved in a box and most of the time I cant be bothered going through them all to find what I need. SO I put the layout to one side then when the pile gets big enough Ill go through and title them all. :) Really should start on this lot tonight I think. lol


  1. Sounds like a tough day, I hope your son is better now...definately looks like your DH has a playdough creative streak! :)

  2. LOL - looks like Mark had great fun!!! I was never a fan of playdough but my nieces and nephews always use to have to wrestle the fuzzy felt back off of me!!

    K xx


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