Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wish things would calm down a bit

Seriously, been back and forth all over the place this week too and next week looks the same. Feel like I need a day or two at home to get the house sorted a bit (and the ironing pile made less towerish, lol) But at least its been a happish week. :)
As I mentioned in my last post we took the kids to the park with their bikes. it was a bit like tetris trying to fit them in the boot but managed it. To say cameron enjoyed it is an understatement. The boy was off like a rocket, riding around and having a great time. Got to take him out more often I think. Caitlin couldnt go as fast but could ride properly and did very well by herself. :)

Proud boy. :)

After riding bikes for a bit we went to the park next door. my sister was there with her youngest two so was nice for them to play together.

Lillie is getting So big now! She loved the swings and was giggling away.

Ok so as you can probably see the camera I used to take these pictures is rubbish. ive not liked it since I got it, the setting are weird and you need to play with it for ages to get it to take a good picture and it takes ages to do so. Plus latly theres been a blue tinge to the photos. :s So I took it back and got this one. :)

I love it. :) Mark loves it as it has a screen on the front you can use to take self portraits, or it can play pictures of a clown making the kids look at the camera instead of anything but. Much prefer the pictures too. This is the first one I took, Caitlin having lunch at asda. :)

How cute is this picture. :) Think I got a little ahead of myself after a couple of days of sun but saw these hats and glasses and thought they were cute. :)

Ok well d-day tomorrow. My mammogram and mums 49th birthday. Not sure whats worse. lol.

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  1. great photos there, good luck with the new camera


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