Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WOYWW and banned from spending :(

Ok, well I can say this in confidence as i know my mum doesnt read this blog, but I have GOT to calm down on the spending for a bit. I kinda have a tendency to got a bit OTT on things, particually when it involves the kids. So their little birthday party which includes 5 children (2 being them and 1 being 9 months old) and 6 adults, is currently costing us £1700 pmsl.
Ok so its not as bad as it sounds, we bought them £250 worth of new garden toys as their gifts and decided we'd just use those rather than renting a bouncy castle. We planned to build the items up then open the curtains on their birthday as a surprise. How well that works out remains to be seen, lol. However I then decided the garden is a mess and needs doing up first, so we got a loan for £800 and drained our savings to pay £1100 to get it returfed and a bit of patio put in. Last week I was feeling a bit down and worried about drs appointment so we decided to go get some birthday bits for the party. Here is where it got a bit out of control. :s £300 worth of sweets, decorations, party bags, food, pinata, games, prizes etc we went home. pmsl. Then finally I decided that the novelty cakes from asda wernt good enough and have ordered a custom made cake costing £60. Which literally 4 people will eat as nobody else likes cake. lol. Its going to be SUCH a cool cake though, I'm having it made by 'Novelty cakes and cupcakes by Gem' shes on facebook and does great cake toppers really cheap which she posts out. This is a picture of the Timmy time class she did

We now have £0 spare for the next 6 weeks so I've been banned from spending. :( Though we still need paint for the fence in the garden before the turf gets laid. Just makes sense doesnt it. ;) Wheres that credit card.......
OK so before hubby locks me away in a room to save me from myself this is how my workdesk looks today.

This is basically my box of bits. Most of my stash is made up into kits, or themes, but the random bits I have no idea what to do with go into this box. Whenever i make cards or a minibook this comes out and gradually gets used up (then filled again, lol) so currently using it for Mums mothers day book. Which is nowhere near done. Woops!

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