Wednesday, 1 June 2011

No ironing done but one crossed off the list. :)

Ok so I didn't do any of the ironing (thats a job for the morning then!) But I did manage to cross one thing off my bucket list. :) Made this cake for marks birthday. Little late granted as it was Sunday but he didnt seem to mind. lol

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge filling, cadburys fingers, malteasers and chocolate dipped strawberries. WHY I made it when I can't it I don't know. Stupis weight watchers. lol


  1. That cake looks stunning Gemma and so much better than ironing :)

  2. ooooooh that looks fabulosa and I bet it tasted good too!! Are you going to make one for March LOL!!

    Karen x

  3. You have to bring one of those next Feb!!!

    L xx


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