Monday, 13 June 2011

If it aint broke dont fix it!

Why must people fuss about with things that work fine as they are? Drives me mad! 2 big changes at the moment are my iphone blog and my internet banking. HSBC have came up with this 'great' idea of sending me a little calculator type thing, everytime I want to log on I now need to put in my username, two passwords then generate a passcode by tunring on the little calulator, putting my pin in, it will give me a code, then putting the code into the pc. And I need to do this EVERY time I want to log on! Keep in mind I do this at least once a day I'm getting bord of it pretty sharpish.
Next moan is that my iphone has changed the way I view my blog. Before I could see it in the same format as my pc, now its only my posts and comments I see. Which yes looks neater but means I cant see my list of blogs I'm following and whos updates recently! grrr, it was fine before!
Ok rant over, Camerons in a bad mood today which is putting everyone else in one too, so got to vent somewhere! lol. Been doing quite well on my mission to use the bits on my desk. While I didnt go to my crop on saturday (long story) I did manage to get a fair bit of scrappign done and did 9 layouts. Some were really simple like this one of the kids at a fete. I loved the bright background paper and wanted as many photos as I could. Simple as it is I like this one. :)

Another simple one scraplifted from sarah in the Sarahs cards dt booklet way back in March 09! lol. Yes I'm only just getting around to using this kit.

More from the same kit. Love the litte face in the bottom corner. It was actually a keyring we 'won' in Haven this year. I say 'won' because remember the little bear on my desk in my last post? Well that had a RRP of £4.99, I spent about £10 winning it out of the 2p machine. lol. I get addicted to those REALLY quickly which Mark usually just smiles and lets me get on with. I think this time though he got a bit bored as I'd only put 50p in the machine to win this keyring when he went over to a memeber of staff and convinced him to just open the machine and give us a couple for the kids. lol. Did I ever tell you Mark won salesman of the year 3 years running when he worked in Dixons? lol. You can see why. :)
I also used my ribbler on this one on the red paper. Havent used it in ages but like the texture it adds.

This is a bit of an odd layout. I dont think I like it much but oh well. I originally did the background for another photo ut ended up not using it so put it with this instead. The fairy wings are from a doll Caitlin recently broke. Waste not want not! lol. The journalling tags will read all the nasty/funny things shes said recently as I love the 'butter wouldnt melt' look on her face when shes really a little devil at times. Such comments I plan to journal are:
While playing a dancing game with the kids
Cameron - You can do it Mummy!
Caitlin - I don't think you can do it mummy, you're rubbish.
me - Caitlin why are you stroking my back? Am I your kitty?
Caitlin - No mummy kittys are pretty, You're my doggy.
Shes lovley really. Honestly. lol

Will show more layouts tomorrow as just ironing and cleanign today so wont be anything interesting to blog unfortunatly. lol


  1. Fab layouts Gemma - I didn't start my sub to Sarah's cards until April 09 so my kits don't go back as far as yours LOL. I am trying to do some stash busting at the moment so going to try and use up all the odds and ends of kits that I have, even if I just use them for cards.

    Karen x

  2. Gorgeous LOs, you have been very productive :)
    Know the feeling regarding the calculator thing for the banking we have one for Barclays too and though it's easy to use, It's annoying that you can't just hop on to a computer and check your banking an less you carry it around with you.


Thanks for your comments. :)