Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More layouts and movie reviews. lol

When Ironing I always watch a film to make the time pass more easily. As yesterday was a mamoth session I watched 3 films. lol. I now have an empty ironing basket though. :) The films I watched were 'The next 3 days', 'Morning glory', and 'The dilema'
The dilema was rubbish. Seriously. I thoguht it was a comedy but really it was just a film about how married people all cheat. Oh well. Morning glory was better. Was quite surprised as reviews wern't very good but I thought it was pretty funny. The next 3 days was another good one. bit slow at first but I really felt for the poor mum in prison while hubby tries to get her out. And I liked how it wasnt a typical action film there was real heart to it too. Didnt like the ending though but I wont say more on it incase someone reading wants to watch it. :)
Mre layouts. :) These are still more from what I did on Saturday and I did even more last night. lol. Not sure I'll meet my targer for having my desk clear and organised by tomrrrow but I've made a good dent in it. :)
This layout is still missing an S I admit. lol. Thing is I've got a huge pile of alphas in a box by my desk, but most have run out of the 's' and 'e'. In the garage however Ive got lots of takeaway boxes which each contain all the letters I started out with. One box for a, one for b etc. When I first started scrapping (and I hadnt bought TOO much) I cut up all the sheets of thickers and letters and seperated them in this way. However it soon got too big a job and now they just sit in the garage untill I'm desperate for a letter and I pull them out. I have yet to get the motivation to go and get the s box yet though. lol

This was taken again in Thomas land. Caitlin went mad seeing the dinosaur behind Mark and started shouting at him bless her.

Hopefully more scrapbooking tonight so might have reaching my target by tomorrow. :)


  1. lol at your 's' box story :) - lovely LOs.

  2. Lovely LOs. I have watched The Next three days and thought it was good, can't comment on the other two as haven't seen them lol.

  3. Lovely layouts, the Monsters Inc one is so colourful.

  4. Fabulous layouts hun - loving the colours on the Monsters Inc one!


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