Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Well thats a few days gone and I've no idea where! lol. I've been doing housework, painting and taking the kids about and the days have just flew by. This blog has came in handy as I've also been organising my phootos. I like to have them in folders on my computer based on what month they were taken. So I've been looking back at posts to find out. lol.
For those of you who were wondering how long my desk would stay tidy. Ummm, not too long. lol. With sorting out old layouts and my masses of thickers and letters its a bomb site again. Pile of boxes ot thickers (and my breakfast bowl. lol)

Pile of layouts which need titles and pizza box full of thickers and letters. lol. Will be working on this tonight. :)

I did manage a few layouts though. :) Like this one of me and the kids on bonfire night. I used an old piece of Core-dinations card I found. :)

Nice simple one of me and the girls at our twilight retreat this year. :) FBG stands for fat bottomed girls. Don't ask. lol

This was mainly to use up the many stickers I had sitting in a box. :) Love using things up

Cameron at Easter. It was a very 'white' photo so wanted the colours to be muted too.

Last one for now. :) Caitlin at the park. Really like this one. Very girly and love the butterfly sticker. :)

Well plan to do more scrapping tonight and maybe watch some nice relaxing tv. lol. Hubby is out again and last night I had to ring him to come home as I was watchign the crime channel and scared myself a bit. lol. Maybe just E4 or something tonight. :)


  1. Fantastic layouts. I watch things that scare me and then really regret it when I'm by myself! :)

  2. Great layouts!I've done that with Criminal Minds-really not bedtime watching!

  3. Great lo's and i really only came to look at the fbg lo! lol!

    Gotta love that apple paper!! brilliant!:D

    So you won't be watching zombie flesh eaters for a while then;-)

    L xx

  4. wow-you've been busy-lovely LOs!!

  5. you have been busy all lovely LOs :)

  6. LOL love the FBG layout - looks like you have been really busy again on the scrapping front.

    Karen x


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