Monday, 6 June 2011

D-day, well part of it

Tonight we go for a meeting with cams school to tell us details about when he starts, what he'll need etc. I'm excited and dreading it at the same time. I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be a mess the day I drop him off. He's a baby! My baby! He shouldn't be going to school he was only born a little while ago!! At least I still have my baby girl. God help me when she starts school next year, I'll need to buy a puppy or something as I'm not having another baby lol.
Hopefully he'll be ok with it. He's been going to nursery since he was 9 months old though admittedly it's only one morning a week, but he still cries more often than not. It's strange he used to love it, then about a year ago he suddenly cried every morning. Hes fine when we've left and says how much fun he's has when we've picked him up but still hate seeing him cry. We're making a big deal of it, saying he's going to get big boy clothes and he can pick his lunch box so he's excited about the idea at the moment but long time to go yet! Luckily the school is really just round the corner from us and you cab actually see it from my mums house so we've been walking past it often so he knows he's close to home and seen all the kids comming out. We're hoping to get him his own blue ds xl for when he starts too and if he goes in without crying he can play for a little while when he gets home.
Am I going ott? Lol there won't be nearly as much worry when Caitlin starts, she loves nursery so I think she'll be fine with going to school, while Camerons so much more sensitive and hates crowds. God it's only june, I've got 4 more months of stressing out about this! Lol


  1. You're not going OTT, I know it's a tough time. I can't believe my baby is leaving school for good next year and it seems like only yesterday I dropped her off for the first time. It's good that you've got him used to where he's going and he knows it's close to home x

  2. Not ott, I felt the same way with my kids and coming from SA where we only started school at 6 or 7, 4 years was really early and my kids really just seemed to be babies still to me. Especially Kieran who's birthday is 27th Aug so he had only been 4 for about 2 weeks when he started!! But of course I was always more traumatised than them and they enjoyed it. You will be fine, he will be fine and you will be amazed at how quickly the day goes and they are back home again! :)


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