Sunday, 5 June 2011


Yes you read that right I have been scrapping! I kinda abandoned my desk and set all my bits boxes and non-kit papers onto the floor and for some reason this seems to have kick started my mojo. :) Ignor Bella who decided to come say hello. :)

These photos were in Thomas land the first time we went, long time ago now. Caitlin decided to share her crisps with a t-rex model. She was actually really sad when he didnt eat them bless her.

Another one from Thomas land but this was taken last July when we went for my nieces birthday. I think Henry looks really evil here when you can't see his smile. lol

One from the Movie world parade in Disneyland. :) Didnt turn out how I'd pictured it in my head, but I'd had a glass of wine and some strong painkillers (I've hurt my knee, lol) by then so thats probably why!

This is the first one I did before the wine and painkillers. lol. I love the colours on this one. The papers are lovely but SO busy so wanted to use them just a bit and quite like the effect. :) Again one from Thomas land first time we went. Evie was just walking by herself there! She'll be 3 soon, lol.

Planning some more scrapping tonight (children allowing as Camerons having none of this 'sleep' business!) so hopefully more to share tomorrow. :)


  1. Great layouts-I love the Fish and Chips one!

  2. Lovely layouts Gemma. Great to see you scrapping again xx

  3. Fab layouts and glad you feeling inspired to scrap again.

  4. Gorgeous layouts. Its been a while that I did any too.

  5. Great layouts, all so different and all so lovely


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