Friday, 17 June 2011

Thickers overload

So I finally got the boxes upon boxes of thickers and letters from the garage. There were a few more than I expected! So my aim over the next few days is to go through them, throw away the ones I dont like anymore and find ways to use up whats left. So will be getting my creative thinking cap on for that one. :)
In the meantime here are some more layouts I've done. :)
Super simple one of the kids at halloween last year. Caitlin was a fairy and Cameron was Thomas. Big surprise. lol.

This photo was taken while I was trying the get a nice picture of all the kids together. I love the look on caitlins face here, Lillie is crying and shes looking at her as if to say 'whats your problem?' Typical Caitlin.

I don't know why she did this, honestly. lol. The title pretty much sums it up.

Love the cheeky grin in this photo. The rabbit was actually off her finished hat. I'd thrown it away the day before I did this layout and actually went through the bin to pull it out and use it. lol. Luckily it was near the top. The things we do for our hobby. :)

The finished easter bonnet. Used the ribbon from Caitlins hat too. :)

Well I've spent most of the day going though old albums and adding journaling, titles and other bits needed. Still have a huge pile of layouts that need 'editing' but will hopefully be making dinner for my dad and Mark tomorrow so might not get a chance to do much. I say hopefully because if my stomach is no better might take a run over to hospital to get chekced out. Still really painfull and starting to worry me a bit now. Sure it's nothing big but better safe than sorry.


  1. Fab layouts Gemma, I don't think it's possible to own or use too many Thickers :D

  2. Great layouts. I hope you feel better soon x

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon Gemma. GReat layouts.

    Throw out Thickers Gemma!!!!! How could you?????
    A girl can never have too many packs of Thickers or bottles of Stickles or sheets of bling LOL!!!!!

    Karen x


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