Saturday, 11 June 2011

My desk, the bomb site.

Well that's another week gone and I'm note quite sure where. lol. One place it certainly hasn't gone is on tidying up my desk.
My work desk

To the right, look at my poor letter holder. :( think it needs neatening up!

Albums I'm going through

Pretty little bear and the warhammer bloodthirster my strange husband put there so it looks like its attacking the pretty little bear. :s

Anyway, problem is that while my desk does need tidying, theres actually nowhere to tidy the stuff away to. lol. Stash is overflowing everywhere (I've even been putting it on top of the boxes on Marks side, shhhh don't tell him lol) So, rather than promising myself I'll sort it out, I'm setting the aim that by Wednesday I'll have USED all the bits and bobs that are causing the problem. I'll sort the albums, use up the kits and scraps and reclaim a bit of workspace. How realistic this may be remains to be seen but I'm going to a crop today (which I havent done since November, having 'what to pack' panic attacks lol) so thats a good start. :)
I've also managed to do these two tonight. :)
The Caterpillar here I actually found stuck to the side of my desk while going through the scraps, so thought I'd best use it for fear of it disappearing again. lol

I LOVE this layout. I havent used paints in a while but obviously with the photos being all about Cameron using himself as a canvas I the page had to get messy. :) So the backgrounds painted, chipboard in the corner painted and paint around the edge of the main photo. One of the few layouts that looked the same in my head as on paper. lol.

Right well I'd better get on with the impossible choice of what punches to take today. :) Hope everyones having an amazing weekend. :)


  1. Great layouts! Very brave to post your desk in a mess. Mine is 10 times worse though and the floor is so awful i may get the hoover out in a min!

  2. Surely that's a scrappers rule..... must have a messy desk!! Great layouts!

  3. Great layouts Gemma - sadly I don't have a desk so all my junk errr I mean scrapping stuff is on the dining room table and the floor LOL. I must take pictures and show my shame LOL!!

    Karen x


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