Saturday, 4 June 2011

Finished. :)

This is my front garden half finished. it used to be all that big green bush right up to the wall. We cut most of it down them moved some slabs from the back garden round to the front.

And this is it now. :) We finished cutting down the bush and dug up all the roots, put the log roll around it and put the gravel down this morning. SO pleased with it. :) No longer looks like the front of a messy council house. :)

This morning we also took delivery of Caitlins new bed. We did order this over a month ago but Argos delivery isnt the best, lol. She only has a tiny room so was pleased she now has more room to play.

These are her toys under her bed.

So thats two big jobs finished in one day. :) productive day! Put me in the mood to keep going so had a clearout of clothes and books from our bedroom so have more bags for the charity shop. Ready for bed now, lol, as this photo caitlin took shows! Was quite impressed really I think its quite a good photo for a 3 year old.

I think she's pleased with her room. :)

Planning to scrap tonight as my bits box is getting pretty full. Also watching the britains got talent finial. My moneys on Rowan to win but would LOVE if Steven hall won. Those who havent been watching it have got to google him. Hes SO funny!!!

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