Friday, 17 June 2011

drugged up = mojo

Well the past few days I've had a really bad stomach. not sure what it is but feels like I'm in labour every time I eat. Good for the diet as I'm now scared to eat but not the best for everyday life! lol. Drs sending me for a scan on my liver based on my skin colour and something to do with my nails but I'm not too concerned. In the meantime however I've been taking Tramdol and paracetamol to help the pain. now Tramadol has a weird affect on me, it makes me slightly high. lol.
It also seems to have the strange affect that it makes my mojo go into overdrive! Over the past 2 days I've done 22 layouts. Most of which I'm really pleased with. lol. I think when I'm slightly out of it I don't over think as much and just slap it down where I think looks nice. Seems to work well. :)
This is part of a double layout of when the kids made their Easter bonnets. I need to go around the letters in black pen but still not got one yet.

Other side.

I LOVE this layout. While still on a mission to use up stash I decided to make some 'fireworks' from some of the cheaper bling I had sitting about. Took longer than expected but I love the result. Another nice photo of me and Caitlin. Cameron hates posing now so dont have many of him sadly.

Bit of a random layout from when the kids first had a Mr wippy ice cream. Cameron got more of it on his face than in his mouth. lol

Another one from fireworks night. The title reads 'Just a little wet'. It wasn't really raining much that night but it was the type of misty rain that seems to stick to you and soak you. Kids had fun though. lol. They had their wellies on so had agreat time splashing in puddles on the way home.

Another layout I really like. This one I was surprised at as what happened was I'd put away all my papers and scraps, then turned around to find I'd forgot these bits on the couch after cutting them off other layouts. Rather than put them away I just threw it all together to make this layout. :)

My mum has Caitlin tonight so Mark and Cameron are having a 'boys night'. So basically they'll eat junk and watch tv. lol. So night to myself, maybe more scrapbooking? lol.


  1. Wow 22 layouts - that is a great high to be on LOL!!! Some fab layouts there Gemma - I particularly love the fireworks that you made from the bling.

    LOL at your blog comment - I have been scrapping (honest) and you will see them on the blog soon - the cards tend to go up first as I usually have tight deadlines as they are weekly challenges.

    Karen x

  2. Busy girl, love the layouts, especially the fireworks one :) Get well soon

  3. Wow, you have been busy! Lovely layouts, I especially like the fireworks one :)

  4. lovely LOs you have been busy :)


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