Monday, 6 June 2011

Does my son have a death wish?

While I would never harm a hair on his head, my son is certainly pushing the idea at the moment. No hes not being violent, or rude, or breaking things, hes copying me!! Honestly, every word I say he follows me around and says the same thing back. Apparently its 'the shadow game Ethan plays at nursery' Yeah thanks for that Ethan. Ok it sounds cute but nearly an hour after he starts it really starts to grate on you. lol. At the moment Im sitting silently typing and hes standing staring at me with a joker like grin on his face waiting for me to speak. This phase ends soon doesn't it??
My daughter also came out with a gem this morning. Was lying in bed and she was pushing my top up and poking my stomach. I asked why and she replies 'I like your tummy Mummy, its all stripy!' Yeah Caitlin those are strecth marks, wait till you have kids your tummy will be stripy too! 1pm is too early for a glass of wine isnt it? lol.
Anyway, last night after I finally managed to get Cameron to sleep I did a couple of layouts. This was a scraplift from an old SC kit. I love this photo of Caitlin at a sponsored walk looking so proud of herself. :)

Another Thomas land photo here. :) A lovely photo of all the girls (at the time) cant believe Lilly will be toddling along next to them soon! i decided to do the layout based around the title tag which reads 'If friends were flowers Id pick you' so pretty much covered the whole thing in flowers.

I've also been watching the Breaking dawn trailer. :) :) :) see it on the movie website. ITS SO COOL!!!!! Honestly it's sad how much my heart was pounding when I watched it. Its too long until November, its just not fair!


  1. LOL we have the copying game - not shadow tho, and it normally finished when I say I love pink and wearing dresses :) I have also had those interesting comments about my body too where you wish they hadn't pointed it out!! Great LOs love the colours and embellishments.

  2. lol tried to watch the trailer this morning but it has been removed, something to do with copy right!! Gorgeous pages, love that photo of all the girls together and a stunning page to showcase it.
    Hope Cameron gives up on the copying game before you have to take drastic action! lol

  3. I can't wait for the film either!
    Sorry I know i shouldn't laugh but i can just picture your son waiting ;) ((hug)) He'll get bored with it soon

  4. kids eh! Dont ya just love them - I never knew that my buttons could be pushed as much as they push them - but one word - one smile and you know you are just gonna melt - god love them!

  5. I think us parents all have times when are kids copy us, I know my boys have done the same and I do sympathise with you and there is light at the end of the tunnel they eventually get bored lol.

    your LOs are gorgeous :)

    another can't wait for Breaking Dawn either, the trailer looks good :)

  6. Ah kids, aren't they great, you have my sympathies, however it's not long until bed time, then it will officially be wine-o-clock :D

  7. Lovely layouts Gemma especially the one with all the flowers - it is so pretty.

    LOL at your son's new game - I am sure the novelty of playing it will soon wear off.

    Yes the trailer is good - can't wait for November too - shame that we are now wishing the summer away LOL!!!!


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