Monday, 2 January 2012

Back to normal, well kinda, lol

Well Caitlin's back to nursery tomorrow, and Cameron's off to school again Wednesday and I'm back to 'work' too so things are starting to get back to normal after the Christmas break. I do love Christmas but after all the hype its nice to calm down and get things organised again. Hardest part is always finding places for all the new stuff! lol. I've sorted out pretty much all the toys, its getting harder now as the toys seem to be getting bigger as the kids get bigger. lol, so just sorting out the adults gifts and housework today. The kids have loads of crafty gifts for Christmas so think I might get some of those out and leave them to it. :)
Typically as I had a lot planned I woke up this morning full of the cold. Been feeling a little rough lately but all stuffed up and yuck this morning. Bleh, so a big cup of coffee needed. :) on that note, look what santa brought me! (and yes that is my to do list on the bottom corner. lol)

This is my Keep cup. :) Its actually one of my favourite gifts even though I think it was one of the cheapest. lol. I admit I'm a huge coffee addict. I love going to costa and wondering about the house with a cup during the day, so this is ideal. :) I can use it for takeaways and it saves a disposable cup, and it keeps my coffee warm for longer and its less likely to spill. Both are big issues any mother will be familiar with! lol. Cant wait to take it on the Sarah's cards retreat as I go through stupid amounts of disposable cups while there. lol.
Staying on the gifts theme here's another gift santa (and by santa I mean of course mark, lol) brought. :) Ive wanted one of these types of frames for ages, and some people may remember me making a paper one ages ago. safe to say this one is nicer. lol. This is due to go up today but still not sure where. lol.

And of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without craft gifts! Admittedly I picked most of it out myself but Mark got me the stickers by himself. :) With his problems obviously he struggles with choosing gifts but bless him he did well this year. :)

Look, new dies! Just need to start scrapping again to use them. lol. Also love these felt embellishments, the snowflakes are so cute and quite detailed considering how small they are. :)

I would say I'm hoping to scrap tonight but to be honest since I haven't scrapped in so long my desk has just become a dumping ground for letters, forms and anything else with needs a home over the past month, so got to start sorting that first! lol


  1. I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun with those new dies! :)

  2. Ooh dies! Have loads of fun, and hope you feel better soon

  3. great gifts. I think i need one of those cups as i take forever to drink my coffee and it gets cold before i do!

  4. Looks like you got some lovely presents, I love that you already have photos in your frame, I have some frames I bought a few months ago that don't have photos in yet! lol It must just be after all the mad rushing around of Christmas and New years as I have had a cold and tummy bug for the last 2 days! Good luck with cleaning off your desk so you can scrapbook :)


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