Monday, 16 January 2012

sleepy monday

OK, I admit it, the words I planned to alter over the weekend look the exact same today as they did on Friday. lol. I did do a bit of scrap booking though so that's something :) More importantly, guess where I was last night! Here's a clue :)

Yep I went to see Billy Connolly live! It was amazing, really good seats near the front, so funny. Was quite surreal actually. Ive been watching him on tv as long as I can remember so to see him actually live in front of my just seemed so strange. My mum watched the kids while we went so considering we weren't back until 12 I bet shes shattered this morning bless her. I cant really remember much of what he said as he did his usual thing of starting one story, halfway through starting another and then going back to the first story an hour or so later. lol. One of my favourite jokes I do remember though was this one. I removed the swearing, lol. (if you're religious don't read!)
A couple is on their way to their wedding when they unfortunately crash their car and die. At the pearly gates they see St Peter and ask if its possible to get married in heaven. He tells them to wait there while he goes to find out. 3 Months pass and he returns to tell them yep its fine no problem. 'Sorry St Peter' They reply, 'We've been thinking about it and maybe eternity together is a very long time, is it possible to get divorced in heaven?' St Peter throws down his clipboard in anger 'Look! Its took me 3 months to find a priest in there you want me to go try to find a lawyer?!' lol. Well I found it funny. :)
Lots of ironing to do today, plus taking Cameron to a friends house to play tonight. His first play date with someone from school, god I hope he behaves!

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