Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nice relaxing days. :)

Yesterday I was supposed to go to my sisters but she had to go to town. The weather was dreadful but wanted the kids to have some fresh air so thought we'd take them to the shops/library on their scooters. Its only a 30 minute round trip walking so didn't think would take too long. Oh how wrong I was, 2 hours and many many puddles later 4 very wet but happy members of the household came home. lol. We'd got lots of books and some chocolate biscuits from the shop so changed into comfy jammies and settled down to a relaxing afternoon reading and playing games with the kids. :) As the day had been so nice we decided to get a Chinese as a treat. We always order a bit more than we need so it usually does Mark for lunch the next day. We ordered it at 5, an hour later it shows up freezing cold. So we complained and they sent out a second order for free! Mark was a very happy bunny, his pile of food was stupidly huge, lol plus plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight :)
All this chilling out seems to have done my mojo the world of good too. lol. Managed 3 layouts last night, can only show you two though as one if for an upcoming challenge on UKS.
This is the first one I did from my new SC kit. I was going to save them up for the retreat but I loved this one so had to use it lol.

I loved this title and thought it went well with most of my photos but picked this one. lol. It doesn't show up too well in this photo but all of the papers used are embossed. I loved how textured the papers were in this kit, I admit I often find it hard to get texture on my layouts without ripping or distressing so this makes it so much easier. lol.

This is the layout I started the other night. Its from a kit I got in a kit swap ages ago and as I'm hosting a new one I thought it would be nice to use up my old one. :) The photo is of Cameron playing on a huge sheet of bubble wrap. I ordered something around Christmas, cant remember what, and he spent ages just jumping about on it. lol

I used up loads of little bits on this layout. There is a whole sheet of rub ons used on the blue paper at the bottom, and lots of diecuts to frame the photo. I love how bright it all is.

Not doing much today. Have to clean the kitchen cupboards but other than that more chilling is needed! I got lots of books yesterday much to marks annoyance as I still have a big pile beside the bed I've not read, not to mention the ones on my kindle lol. but what can I say, I just love books! lol I do read fast which helps, couldnt sleep last night so read one of them then, lol. A few more days of insomnia and I'll be done im sure. lol


  1. Gorgeous layouts Gemma - and I recognise the kit as I have just used some of mine - lush :)

  2. Lovely layout Gemma and such a gorgeous photo of your children, they are so cute


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