Wednesday, 25 January 2012

catch up

Ok, this did start as a post about my determination to catch up with all the bits and bobs I havent done recently, but now its a bit of a rant (yes another one) about modern technology. Ok I'm going to sound about 99 right now but I HATE all this new stuff! Take Marks new Christmas toy for example, I got him a external hard drive. We can store all the kids dvds on there he says, can stream them to the tv wirelessly so we don't have a big box of dvds beside the tv. Great, except sometimes the file isnt recognised, and if the internet drops out halfway through the film stops, and sometimes the sound isnt synced right to whoever is talking!!! He also suggested putting all our photos on there to keep as a back up. Now I'm really anal about my photos on my computer, all are organised into folders based on year taken, and all are titled with month and place of taking. Somewhere between copying from my computer and putting it on this thing half have got lost and the rest have lost all their titles and folders! They're still on my computer than goodness so will try and figure out how to fix it, lol. And these Ipods which download the whole flamming album when I just want one song, I miss cds!
Well back to my original blog post topic, lol. Recently I've been SO tired and drained, I think its been all the rubbish lately has taken it out of me, so a lot of little 'to dos' have fallen by the wayside. One thing on the list is to make notes of ideas to scrapbook about. Usually I just look at a photo and base it on that, but sometimes the kids will do something, or I'll think of something I want them to know should I not be around when they're older and I never remember it when it comes to scrapping as theres no photo to remind me iykwim. One thing I made a note of is how quick the kids grow, I know everyone says it but you really don't get it I think until you have kids of your own. Well it made me think of the photo I took of Cameron when he was 6 months old

Not a happy bunny is he, lol, but it was more the size of the 360 controller I thought of, compared there to here

Much more happy with it now playing with Daddy last week, lol. So much has changed between those two photos, but honestly doesn't seem that long. They grow up so fast! lol.
Well didnt get anything done today, Cameron was off school again so made some blueberry muffins at home with Caitlin as obviously missed the cooking class. Were a bit doughy as Cait was a bit heavy handed with the milk but most have been eaten so cant be that bad, lol. He WILL be going tomorrow though so hopefully will be able to do a lot of the little run around bits I need to do. Fingers crossed!

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