Sunday, 8 January 2012

Eastenders has nothing on my family

Seriously sometimes I feel like I'm in a soap and nobody told me. Honestly its like one drama after another sometimes. Friday was a perfect example, Here was my day:
5am - Up playing with Caitlin who decided it was morning and wouldn't go back to sleep.
6:30am - Caitlin goes back to sleep
7am - Wake up a very tired and pissed of Caitlin for nursery, Wake an even more pissed off Cameron whos a little shell shocked at going back to school after the holidays.
7-8:30 - Deal with Cameron crying about everything from there being too much cereal in his bowl to the fact his best friend isnt in the same group as him at school.
9:am - Pour a strong coffee down my throat and drag a still crying Cameron to school. Home to do quick housework.
9:30 - Off to social services meeting RE sister. Grab a kitkat for brekkie.
10-12:30 - Meeting went not too bad. More information about new years came up, namely that he'd battered her so hard he'd perforated her eardrum. Explains why she wouldnt see me the next day. End result was that Nicolas got to continue to go to groups, and its going to be put to the courts that the girls are removed while she gets the help, then returned later. Not sure how I feel about this at the moment to be honest.
12:30 - talk to gran about grandads appointment. We found out he had cancer just before christmas but they didnt know what type. Were supposed to find out that morning which obviously has had everyone worried sick. Nope, no information yet going to be another two weeks (AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!)
1pm - Meet mum for Coffee to go over this morning, starving by this point on having caffeine shakes but nowhere seems to sell bloody sandwiches!
3pm - Drop mum at home, collect cam from school then go home to make dinner.
4:30 - just as dinners coming out of the oven, get a frantic call from mum. Social worker has rung her saying some evidence has come up and the girls have to go see a dr in northampton that night to be examined. So dinner abandoned, run off to mums to deal with 3 hyped up girls, their scared nanny and very angry mummy and her partner.
5pm-9pm - Go to see specialist dr with the girls. Wasnt actually as bad as I thought little darlings took it all in their stride. All tests/interviews came back fine. Big sigh of relief.
9pm - Home to reheated dinner and a glass of wine.
See why I say my life is like Eastenders! This week brings more meetings, volunteer work and taking my sister and youngest nice to mother and baby groups. So plan for today is chilling!
Another plan for today is to tackle this:

One of my new years resolutions is to scrap more, but over Christmas my desk is just been a dumping ground for anything without a home, probably gonna take a while but got to at least start sorting this mess! lol Hope every ones having a great weekend :)


  1. Lol Gemma, maybe you should start writing a soap based on your life, it could be a hit series! I think your family is very lucky to have you around as everyone seems to turn to you in a crisis! Good luck cleaning your desk :)

  2. Sending you hugs Gemma, I don't know where you find the time to breathe! xx

  3. Oh Gemma - days like that are the pits. I do hope something can be down for your little nieces they really deserve better than this.

    Karen x


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