Tuesday, 24 January 2012

bleh, moany post, feel free to ignore

Sunday night I told my mum I had a bad feeling about this week. So far I've been proved right, lol. Cameron was ill yesterday with a sore throat and temp so he stayed home, this morning he went to school but not without a few tears, the social services meeting was a COMPLETE waste of time, sister had a big hissy fit at me as I said I wasn't prepared to babysit her kids anymore if it involved contact with mine. OK sounds harsh on the surface but last Saturday I was supposed to be babysitting Lillie. She was supposed to be here at 12pm and my two were so excited! 1pm still no sign so I rang my sister to find out I was no longer needed. I was pissed off she hadn't even told me and Camerons was gutted he wasn't seeing Lillie. Wednesday we were supposed to be going to cooking groups with caitlin and Evie. Another last minute cancellation from sister, though she did txt me this time so improvement I guess. Then Saturday, she begged me to bring the kids round hers as she last saw cameron in July. Again cancelled last minute, two gutted kids. So kinda had enough now. My two see the girls quite often as when my mum has them I take them round, and we go swimming with them every Wednesday, so no harm for them, just sister. Mark discovered another health worry to add to the pile and then Cameron was sent home early from school feeling ill. :( Tomorrow is busy but hopefully better. I've got a cooking class with Caitlin first thing in the morning, volunteer work then town with and drs with Mark. eugh ignore me in tired and cranky, lol.


Thanks for your comments. :)