Monday, 9 January 2012

Getting there and stuff for sale. :)

I think that's going to be the mantra for the week lol.I've said it before and I'll say it again, it never fails to amaze me that despite having frequent 'decluttering' sessions theres always more to chuck next time I do it, even if I've bought nothing new in the meantime!! This week I'm focusing on the kitchen cupboards, and my desk. Marks even getting into it by clearing out a load of his stuff from the desk too. :) As a result it looks loads better already!
I'm being really strict with myself too, getting rid of things I've had for ages but never used or not used as much as I thought I would. One big thing on this is stamps. I'm always getting stamps I think are pretty, but I never stamp! Never got on with it, lol. So I've given all my part used ones to a friend and selling these ones as still in the packet. Anybody want them? Only asking £5 including UK post.

Also selling this. Its been on my shelf for ages as I really like the whole grunge look, but to be honest its just too much work. lol. I did it once but have to do all my inking/painting outside which is just too cold and too much hassle. £6 including UK post.

Well cameron went to school again today. Still a bit subdued about the idea but no tears so thats a big improvement on Friday! Hoping he'll get back into it soon as he's always loved school. Caitlins home as no nursery today but bribed her with some sweets and Tangled on the tv so I can continue with the decluttering. tackling more of the desk today plus a couple of kitchen cupboards. Not looking forward to that one! lol


  1. I hope all your items find loving new homes :)

  2. I'm doing the great declutter too! unfortunately my computer is in the same room, so I don't get too far!! Good luck x


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