Friday, 20 January 2012

More scrapping. :)

Well a little bit anyway, lol. As I enjoyed it the night before I decided to do some more last night. Got all my stuff out, picked a photo, put a layout together, then went to bed. lol. Honestly was 9pm and I couldn't keep my eyes open! its all still on the floor so just needs gluing together then done. lol Won't be doing it tonight though as out for an Italian with my mum and some of her friends from work. Should be nice. :)

Also this came this morning. This months sc kit and I LOVE it! Kinda want to stay home tonight and use it, lol. Its got a textured pink woodgrain paper in which I think might join my 'too pretty to use' pile.

Had a nice morning this morning. I admit I'm usually one of those 'I'll play with you in a moment' mums. Unless I've set aside some time to do an activity with the kids I don't often play with them on the spur of the moment iykwim. If I do its usually only for 10 minutes or so before I have to rush off and do the washing or something. Yesterday though I hurt my back, it felt a bit better this morning so I did the cleaning including the floors which obviously put it back to square one. lol. As I result I was stuck lying in bed. Caitlin decided to join me to read books and watch a dvd. Was really nice! I couldn't get up to do anything so all my attention was on just time with her, made me realise I dont do the simple things enough. We go to the park, swimming, childrens centers often, but sometimes they just need some quiet time with Mummy.

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