Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Woops. lol

Well I haven't managed any scrapping yet, I did plan and cut a layout, but not stuck anything down yet, lol. However while tidying my desk I found a big pile of layouts I forgot I'd done! Now theres a good chance some of these are gonna be scrap lifted as they're from my sc kit, but as I did them back in November I've no idea which ones are or who did them first. Sorry!!
Been trying to use up the really old photos I've got still waiting to be scrapped, so this one from two years ago now needed to be done. It was around Christmas at my mums so obviously loads of photos were being taken. Cameron was getting a bit bored if you can't tell. lol

This one I know was scrap lifted but cant remember who did it. I loved the way they'd used all the rub ons on the one page though for journalling prompts. Its quite a simple page but I really like it :)

I think everyones got these, and the title pretty much sums it up 'Bad photos but great memories' I took these the first time the kids were playing on kinnectimals, they were having so much fun but unfortunately were in front of a large window so they came up really dark. I still wanted to document it though so used the photos anyway. lol.

Love this photo of Caitlin, we bought this dora doll offline and was amazed how big it was since I was expecting a normal sized doll and it was huge!

Thought this big flower went well with this as obviously huge like the doll. lol. It was a bit plain however I blinged it up. lol.

Well as usual im running late. Money came out of my account this morning and I'm currently on the phone to the bank trying to find out where it went. Typically the guy I'm talking to doesn't know much english and is reading from a script, shoot me now. lol

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  1. Your layouts are fantastic. Hope you get things sorted with the bank x


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