Thursday, 12 January 2012

Grrr cant I home school?!

OK I know I can't really, well I could do the teaching part but if I home school will hardly solve the issue. lol. The issue being other kids. :( I'm sure all mums feel the same, all the ones I've spoke to have done anyway lol, but I HATE the idea my childs being left out. Camerons been crying every morning before he goes to school, not just whinging but full on heaving sobs, breaks my heart. Been asking him why and he just says he doesnt want to go to school, which is odd because he used to love it. This morning he wouldnt go and play with anyone saying his best friend wasnt there and he went into school all alone and looking so sad. :( Turns out theres also been another party he wasnt invited to. it wasnt just him there was a load of other boys too but still I think its harsh. For Camerons birthday in April I'm booking a big hall and inviting everyone to make sure nobodys left out, just seems sad to be so selective at this age when really very few of them are going to have select friends. Going to have a word with the teacher tomorrow and see how he is in class as he comes out of school happy enough so might just be a morning thing.
Anyway on a happier note took the kids swimming yesterday. They loved it. :) We've never been in the pool since it was all rebuilt and its pretty good. Caitlin as usual put her armbands on, chuck her in shes off lol. Camerons a bit more careful lol. Was great though as by the end of an hour he was in the deep end 'swimming' with me holding him up lol. Going to make it a weekly thing I think as want Camerons confidence built up before the holiday in May.
Right well off to a mum and baby group with my sister today then off to my grans after Cams school, hopefully a busy but a nice busy day. lol

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