Friday, 13 January 2012

Square toast

One quirk I love about kids is how different forms make things MUCH more appealing. For example, normal pasta, Cameron wont touch, however if its in the shape of a train, then it turns yummy, lol. Its similar to what I call the 'Nannys house effect' where chocolate moose here is horrible, but yummy at Nannys house, carrots here Caitlin will eat a bowl full, but wont touch them at Nannies; oh and they HAVE to be cut into circles, carrot sticks, triangles, anything but circles changes the taste somehow lol.
Now toast, psychologists have probably done a study somewhere to see how you like your toast cut reflects your personality. I did google it to see if they had but only came up with lots of wedding toasts. lol. However in case any psychologists with spare time are reading this this is how toast is cut in our family.
Me - Toast cut in half into two rectangles.
Mark - Doesn't cut it, just one large slice.
Cameron - Cut into four squares.
Caitlin - Cut into four triangles.
Why?! Seriously why does it matter? lol. Ok the adults are not as fussy as the kids, I will eat toast in squares or triangles but the kids, noooooooo, toast HAS to be in those shapes or it will not pass their lips. Suppose it could be worse, Caitlin went through a phase of wanting hers cut into circles with the cookie cutter. Thank god that's over!
Well doing a lot of jobs out the house today. Christmas bits to return, shopping, booking kids birthday party (for April, lol, how prepared am I?) then meeting mum for either a coffee or glass of wine depending how her day has gone. lol. Its Caitlins turn to stay at my mums tonight so will be having a nice night just us and Cameron too. :) Also hoping to do this sometime over the weekend

Mum bought me the Welcome word for christmas. I love the green as it matches my hall so planning to add a bit of bling or some flowers to make it stand out a bit, then paint and alter the photo frame to match. :) Not got a clear image in my head how it will turn out but hopefully will figure it out as I go along. lol


  1. Ha ha that made me laugh Gemma!! My girls have to have their toast cut into triangles too. Actually as they never eat the crusts they seem to waste less if its in tirangles rather than squares!!
    Have a good weekend xx

  2. Triangles and squares and diamonds for my crew

  3. That looks nice, looking forward to seeing it when it's done.
    C xx


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