Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring fun :)

Well meds seem to be kicking in and kids seem to be getting a bit better :) As Cameron missed his easter bonnet day at school on Friday we invited my niece round on Saturday to have a little crafting session at home. :)

Kids had a great time and all made pretty bonnets. :) Took loads of photos but pretty much all of them they were making daft faces! lol

Sunday we had planned to take the kids to our local car boot sale, but Cameron didnt sleep very well the night before so let him lie in. As it was still a nice day we took them up town and got a few bits, both kids were really well behaved so treated them to a mcdonalds :) Afterwards we took their scooters out and rode down to the lake to feed the ducks. The sun was streaming through the trees so got some beautiful photos of them. :)

They soon got tired as it was a bit of a ride so they decided to walk a bit. Was so sweet to see them walking together and then suddenly hold hands and just walk along chatting :)

Was a really nice family day out :) Have lots planned for the next few weeks so hopefully more nice family days! :)

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  1. Those Easter bonnets look great and the photo of the kids holding hands is heart melting x


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