Monday, 16 April 2012

Almost back to normal!

Well very almost back to normal! As fun as its been this half term I think everyones ready for Cameron to go back to school, lol. Poor Marks exsausted and I've really struggled to keep up with the housework. We've also had a spate of bad news recently too which has put a bit of a damper on things. Marks benifits got knocked back again so now we have to go to appeal, plus his operation (that he had in FEBRUARY) still hasnt healed so we dont know if he'll be allowed to go on holiday with us next month. :( And even if he is allowed he certainly won't be allowed to go into the sea or one of the 27 pools the hotel has :(
On a more positive note Mark and I celebrated our 6 year anniversery last week. :) We didn't do much as it was a Friday so couldnt get a sitter but made a nice meal and watched some tv together so that was nice, lol. During the day I was 'working' but was fun work as we all went to a local farm and as it was a whole day thing I could take Mark and the kids with me. Cameron loved feeding the baby lambs. :)

We were lucky with the weather too as it stayed dry all day then the heavens opened as soon as we got home.

Well as its the last day we're taking Cameron to get his hair cut, then to the park and a KFC for dinner I think :) Back to school tomorrow!!!


  1. So sorry to hear you've had some bad news. Looks like the kids had fun at the farm and I'm pleased you had a nice anniversary x

  2. Lovely photos of the two of them ...hope Mark is well enough so you can all go on holiday together.

  3. Great pics love, any chance you can appeal? hope M is well enough to go into the water too



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