Monday, 23 April 2012

New week new start

OK! well its been a pretty dire week, bad news and drama from every angle and I don't know if Cailtins going through a phase or just misses Cameron now hes back at school but OMG shes been a devil child! Constantly talking and literally hanging on my leg at times, and doing daft things like drawing all over her face in felt pen and tipping her dinner on the floor. Its like shes actually regressing. Anyway its done and I'm determined this week is going to be more positive. I've been on a major spring clean, like I do everytime things are difficuilt lol, and starting to see the results of it now. For example I actually sorted out the huge pile of layouts that were all over the bottom of my wardrobe.

And I'm currently in the midle of tidyign my desk, lots more to do there! lol

So plenty to keep me busy :) Off to court today with my sister to try and get an injunction on her ex. Never been to court before so NO idea what thats like, lol, only seen it on tv and I don't think its really like that is it? ah well, fingers crossed that goes well!!


  1. Oh dear Gemma, I hope you have a better week this week and good luck with all that sorting :)

  2. I hope this week is better for you and I hope you get on ok in court xx


Thanks for your comments. :)