Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Wow, amazing to think last week the kids had their t-shirts and hats on to keep the sun out of their eyes. This morning its POURING it down! Kids always seem to be in a bad mood when its raining, no idea why as they were out all day yesterday so not even like they have cabin fever. lol.
Anyway, onto WOYWW. Havent done this in a while but since the retreat my mojo is slowly coming back a bit so trying to get back into it. My scraps box is over flowing again so went through it last night and chucked all the papers I didnt like or were too tiny to do much with. Still left with a lot though. lol.

Tonight is mine and Marks 'date night' so won't be doing anything tonight, then tomorrow my neice is staying so hopefully will start making things with this box Friday lol.
To try and keep my mojo going I joined a group on UKS called sketchy scrappers. Each moth a member sets a sketch for us all to use, this month was Jess and this is what she set.

Now I admit as much as I loved the sketch I'm not too fond of this layout. I fell into the trap of doing a little bit each night as the kids were so unsettled so it got to the point where I just got bored of it and stuck it all down. Still its done and its not too bad I guess.

Well got 'work' this morning and swimming this afternoon then pizza tonight with hubby :) its my day off the diet so looking forward to that. lol. Was pleased this morning as managed to lose the weight I gained last week from pigging out, the retreat and TOTM, so weight loss currently looks like this:
Week 1 - -9lb (wow!)
Week 2 - -2lb
Week 3 - +5.5lb (woops, lol)
Week 4 - -5.5lb so back to normal now :) Aiming to lose 2 stone by the time we go on holiday at the end of next month so fingers crossed!


  1. Cor - you've jammed loads of info into one post! Good luck with the weight loss - sounds like you're back on track. Lovely colours and you've managed to incorporate so many different shapes on the layout - great job. :)

  2. Really lovely Gemma and are all the papers from an old kit? I must admit that is one kit that I did manage to totally clear up!!

  3. Great lo - I still have some of that kit to use up! - I think it looks very pretty :) Please share how you are losing so much each week - I am about to start a weight loss plan of some sort as have put on loads over the winter and need a quick fix!!

  4. fingers crossed this one will work lol, Great layout and love those BB papers and a cute pic too


  5. Lovely LO, PP all look great together...think I might have this kit too, must get it out and have a play!! All this inspirration is great for getting the mojo going again...and I'd loved to hear how you are losing the weight too as I'm thinking/need to go back to WW.

  6. I love your layouts, the papers you've used are some of my favourites. Well done on losing the weight you gained last week x

  7. I like your layout! Well you had lots of rain and we had lots of snow! Christopher couldn't even go in for his last day of school because we had so much and today the sun has been shining all day and it has all melted :)


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