Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Getting excited now :)

well yesterday went well, sister got the injunction no problem so just waiting for the ex to be served with it now, think hes gonna be a bit peeved to say the least so hoping he gets it soon and get that drama over and done with! Quietish day planned today, kids at school/nursery this morning so just doing housework, then this afternoon got to pick up some letters fro the benefits office, then getting a few last minute bits for my babies birthday party on Saturday. :) Had a few more RSVPs so getting quite excited about it now. not much left to do as done most of the party bags (ran out of lollies) and bought most of the food (obviously not sandwiches and fruit yet lol) so just the last minute bits to do :)
as well as that I'm still sorting my craft stuff. The main reason for this is that I'm currently blogging on my new, adorable little netbook! My pc has been acting up for ages and I just never use it anymore. But Marks been saving and got a new graphics card for his computer, so he and his friend took some old bits from his and fixed my pc so we sold it and bought me this! I'm thrilled with it as I only use it to blog and go on facebook so a netbook is fine for me and takes up much less space so more room for stash ;) Im quite excited about getting all my alphas in from the garage lol. Whenever I use up most of the alphas on a sheet, or all the E's or something I cut them out and put them into takeaway boxes, one for A's, one for B's etc. It makes it a lot easier to find a title but takes up a LOT of space, now I've made some I can bring them back in :) Does mean I need to sort out the big pile of half used alphas I've just had sitting about though so that's my nighttime job at the moment, lol

Hoping my desk will be all sorted by the weekend and I can actually start scrapping again next week! lol

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