Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Ok I'm kinda cheating now, lol. Its 'whats on your workdesk wednesday' but as I'm still sorting my stuff and reorganising I dont want to show my desk just yet lol. So instead I'll share the newest thing on my desk.
I LOVE my new Netbook. Saves so much space and I can go on it when I'm scrapping on the floor too. :) plus it's purple. Never thought I'd be one of those girls who buys technology based on it's colour but shows what I know! lol. Had a heart attack yesterday, mum phoned me and was asking if I'd picked up Cameron yet. I said no was on my way, but she kept asking, if he was ok, does the school look ok, until she admitted an air ambulence had landed in the playground earlier that day!! Obviously the school has my number but sisters ex has been giving me hassle so had my phone off that afternoon. The wait for the gates to open so I could go get him has never been so long! Luckily Camerons fine. I don't know really what had happened but Cameron said someone fell and hit their head. Must have been a heck of a fall though to send the air ambulence out :( makes you hug your kids that bit harder. Party bags day today! Done most of them just got to finish them off. Hoping I'll have enough for everyone, I've done 60 so fingers crossed. Theres a lot of family kids going so if worst comes to worst I'll make them some the day after. Heres hoping anyway. Weathers horrible here, sitting enjoying a coffee and fresh crossant. Its my 'day off' the diet today as should have been weigh in this morning but its my 'star week' so I don't even look, lol. Usually a 3lb gain this week which knocks my confidence so I ignor it, lol. 2lb off my stone loss though and fit into loads of clothes which were too tight before so very happy with it so far :)

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