Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter :)

Well Easter weekend is almost over. Half of me is relieved lol, too much sugar and not enough space to run around has made a very hyper little boy! Hes been dancing around this morning singing 'I've got a Daddy!' Why this is suddenly news to him I have no idea lol. Hoping to stay home this morning and get the house sorted a bit but can see it being a struggle to keep the kids occupied.
Yesterday we went to my mums house for an Easter egg hunt. The weather did spoil things a bit as obviously all kids were stuck in the house. Made a change from last year where they were all in Summer dresses and playing in the garden! Still had the same bunny masks though. lol

Caitlin refused to wear hers so I did it for her. No I can't see if you're wondering, lol.

Stop for food.

Lillie was stuck to Marks side again. :) Was nice to play with her again today as we had to take her to hospital Friday as she got into my sisters medicine cupboard and has a very funny turn. :( By the time we got to hospital though she was her bubbly self so they said just to keep an eye on her.

Have a 'work focused interview' tomorrow. Designed to get me back into work if the government thinks I should be. Must admit I am terrified they'll say Marks ok to watch the kids while i work. If they do the only option is for Mark and I to split and live separately as theres no way he could be a stay home dad. Last week he had both kids for 3 hours while I did my volunteering and took him two days to recover! Will wait and see though, no point worrying just yet! On a happier note its our wedding anniversary Friday, yes we married on the 13th, lol, didnt realise it at the time as was a rush job as Mark was really ill and not expected to last the week. That was 6 years ago. Got to love drs. lol.

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