Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tag swap

I made these ages ago for a swap I'm in but just haven't got around to posting them yet! On the list for today lol. I wanted to use up some random letters which I'm sure we all have lying around. I quite like the effect but think I'll use a brighter mist next time.
Well this morning I have a little visitor :)
My sister has an interview for a childcare course so I'm watching Lillie for a bit. It's the first time I've had her with no other kids around and shes SO quiet! Might be different when Uncle Mark gets home though, lol, she absolutly adores him and is constantly dragging him off to play. This afternoon its coffee with my mum then tonight we're off to the cinema to see the avengers film. :) Marks very excited bless him. I'm hoping I'll like it as I love the iron man films but not been impressed with the other marvel movies. to be honest I think its Robert Downy jr who makes it so good, he's funny and lets face it not too bad to look at. lol. Right well I'm being pulled into the kitchen for what I think is crisps so better run!

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