Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bargain day :)

Today started off very well :) The council showed up to fit my new door!!!!!! Ok this might not seem like much to most people but the old door didn't actually fit the frame. There was a big gap up one side, it kept sticking at the bottom and it was so warped that you couldn't actually lock it because it didn't match up, so while the snib lock locked, you couldn't lock it properly. Worse was the door where the gas reader is housed, it had no key at all! So has been held closed by Velcro for the past 5 years. You can see why I was bouncing about with joy when it was fitted this morning :)
After the door was fitted we had to go up town. this is always an issue with Mark because there's two options, one, do the jobs bit by bit and go up on multiple days, which shatters Mark out, or option two, save up the jobs and do them all on one day which shatters him out even more lol. We tried for option two today but only managed a few jobs before it was too much. Oh well. Did manage to get some amazing bargains though. I had to go into Wilkinsons to get some raffle tickets for the school, while there we noticed they were reducing all the kiddie craft kits to daft prices, 50p, 30p, 10p. YEY! Managed to get this lot for just under £15. With the kids and Pen Green theres always some kind of birthday, fundraiser, or something going on which needs a gift, so whenever there's a sale on I try and buy some bits to put away for occasions like this. this lot is ideal :)
granted it wasn't all for the kids. I picked up a Crayola flower building kit for 50p. Has lots of die cut fabric flowers with different 'snap on' centers. Supposed to be for kids but can easily be used for scrapping.
Typically tonight I'm so ready for bed but need to stay up till 12. Hoping to take the kids to see Despicable me 2 tomorrow so need to book Orange Wednesday tickets at midnight. The website usually crashes right about then so hoping it doesn't take too long!


  1. Great bargains, hope you didn't stay up too late - now where's that kit???

  2. Congratulations on your new front door - I totally understand the joy of finally having a job finished that has been irking you for years!

    Great haul too.

  3. Hope you get your cinema tickets OK - it is always great when something finally gets sorted. Well done on the bargains!!


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