Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cake wars :)

A while ago I agreed to make the birthday cake for my niece Evie, she loves pinwheels so I had a simple rainbow sponge, frosted cake in mind decorated with some paper pinwheels. Then Sunday was Mollies birthday and my Mum made this cake
You can't see it in this picture but the sponge inside is all rainbow layers. That was it, the cake wars was on! lol. Good natured of course but I was determined to make a better cake than my Mum. So after much looking about on pinterest I made this :)
Its a 4 layered chocolate cake with rainbow cream cheese filling, decorated with Malteasers (nod to my Granddad of course) M&Ms and loveheart marshmallows. BUT the big surprise when they cut into it is its also a Pinata cake! I loved the idea of this as soon as I saw it and it was amazingly simple to do! I used a martini glass to cut the middle from the two middle layers and filled it with M&Ms. can't wait to see Evies face when she cuts into it :)


  1. Wow to both cakes, can I have a slice?

  2. Wow! You'd have to diet for a month after - but wouldn't it be worth it! So well done. xx

  3. Can't wait to see the inside as I have no idea what a pinata cake is.

    But wow to the outside!!!!!

  4. Wow, both of the cakes look amazing! x


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