Friday, 12 July 2013

More scrapping

Yey I did another layout :) This one is the partner to the one of Cameron cutting his finger as it was this door he managed to do it on. We still dont know how as there were no sharp parts or anything :s
Nice and simple because I love these papers so wanted to make them the focus.
Was a nice quiet day here :) managed to do a load of ironing which was hell in this heat but the pile was getting scary again. I had a big sort out of the kids wardrobes last friday so had all the clothes they've grown into to iron, scary how big they're getting! Also had a girly night with Caitlin, shes such a little diva sometimes though! Was doing her nails and:

Caitlin - I didn't want purple, pink, purple, pink!
Me - yes you did! thats what you asked for!
Caitlin - No I didn't I said pink, purple, pink, purple!

Well how dare I!!!


  1. Lol! Mummy how dare you get it wrong!

  2. Tut tut for not getting the nails right :D That is a gorgeous layout x


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