Friday, 5 July 2013

Very proud mummy :)

Well after seeing his friends Eden riding very confidently yesterday Cameron had a new determination about riding his bike. He had pretty much got the hang of it but obviously with our garden being tiny there was only so much he could do, so after our all over the place day (school, cleaning, shopping, banks, school, grans) we convinced Cameron to ride over to my Mums for his sleepover rather than walk. He wasn't keen at first, insisting he couldn't do it but some bribery/blackmail (santa won't bring you a new bike if you can't ride it will he?) he agreed and by the time we had got round the corner he was riding no problems :) So was Caitlin lol, but she always takes to these things much quicker than Cameron anyway.
So did manage some scraping last night :) It was for the sketchy scrappers group over on UKS. This was the sketch
and this is my layout :) I did have another layout in mind when I started but it really didn't work so ended up with this one, I'm pleased with it though :) The photos are from last year on Camerons first sports day. I didn't get any photos of this year as he was a bit too far away so I'm glad I managed to get some nice ones of his first sports day. Funnily enough I have a near identical photo of Caitlin going under the table too.
As well as scrapping last night I almost had a heart attack. I was lying on the couch reading when I suddenly saw a spider scuttling out of the corner of my eye and before I could move it ran across my face!! I obviously panicked and brushed it off with my Kindle, chucking the Kindle across the room in the process. It was one of those time slows down moments as I watched the Kindle bounce across the floor and land face down. I was sure it was smashed to hell so was pretty impressed when I picked it up and it didn't have a scratch on it. Wow, Kindles are sturdy. lol.


  1. Woohoo watch them go! Great LO too xx

  2. Well done kids :)
    Lovely layout - surprised they're allowed to crawl under talbes without hardhats on in this health & safety gone mad era!


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