Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cup obsession

I have a thing about cups and mugs, don't know why I just do, Cams the same, has certain cups for certain things. Anyway this was one of the gifts I got for my birthday :) I'm really into making smoothies lately, when its hot I don't eat much but obviously want to keep my fruit intake up so have started experimenting with blending it all together. So far I've decided grapes are a no go because the skin is yuk, but banana, orange and strawberries taste exactly like bubblegum! Had loads of people in the playground ask me where I got the cup from, apparently they're about £20 online! This was a bargain £4 from Tkmaxx.
Well yesterday was a busy, long, fun day :) I was up at 2:30 ready to queue for the Next sale at 5 (yes you read that right lol) Was the BEST one I've ever been to! Was so quiet and loads of really good stuff. Got pretty much everything on my list except a fancy dress for Caitlin. I did get my hands on the one I wanted, a vintage lace dress, which looked beautiful in the store but when I put it on her it just looked shapeless and dirty :( Very pleased with everything else though, lots of summer bits, new sandals, shorts and even some bits for christmas (yeah I know I'm bad lol)
Speaking of which we also went to a friends house so Cam could 'test drive' this game.
The first Skylanders game came out a few years ago, Cam asked for it then but considering the game was £60, then about a tenner for each of the add on figures I said no. Its a bloody good money making idea but I didn't want it to be just one of those 'hype' things I spend a fortune on and he gets bored in a week. However hes STILL going on about it now and knows all the charecters and what they do etc, so I gave in and its now on his christmas list. My friends son has it so we went over so i could see it in action. Looked pretty fun and Cam loved it. :) Must have been fate as when we got back I was reserching about it online and found out Tesco was doing a '3 for 2' offer on the figures, and also '£5 off a £40 spend' so I ordered 6, lol. Should have been £68.70, only £40.80 :) I know I know its July and I'm Christmas shopping but come Christmas toys all shoot up in price so I like to do it when the deals are on. Plus, lets face it, I like to shop :p


  1. Well - you do seem very good at this shopping malarkey! Sounds to have been a very expensive week but I like to get things early too - I haven't yet started for Christmas though!

  2. I'm the same as you with cups, I also collect them so have them everywhere! I don't like shopping though!


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