Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Last day!!!

Well today was the last day of school, yey! We (the PTA) were due to sell ice lollies at the end of the day but with all the crazy storms we were a bit concerned it would be pouring it down. Luckily the sun was shining and we sold out, another £300 in the kitty :) We did have a huge stroke of good luck though. A Dad brought his pet in to pick up his son on his last day, but no normal cat or dog for him. He had this...
A huge, beautiful eagle owl. She was amazing with the kids so they all got to stroke her and have photos taken. Certainly livened up the last day :)
Seemed to be a very animal based day today lol. As I've said before it's Mollies birthday tomorrow and shes getting a baby bunny. Caitlins ben asking for one for ages so before he was taken over to my sisters we went round for a cuddle. He was so teeny!!!! Took a little while for Caitlin to be brave enough to hold him but after he sat quietly on my lap for a bit she decided she wanted a turn. Not sure how wise a move that was as shes now even more desperate to have one and its really not happening. Thinking I might be able to convince her a hamster is a good idea, or even better maybe just get her the giant dog teddy she liked in toys r us....
Well tomorrow morning we don't have much planned, I want to get the house hoovered and tidy up a bit before birthday party in the afternoon :) Let the summer holiday fun begin!

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  1. Wow, that's a big bird - enjoy your Summer hols :)


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