Thursday, 18 July 2013

Catch up

Well this week has been crazy hectic, but I love it that way :) Feel like I've got a lot done and I'm really excited about the summer holidays starting next week. So as I've been a very bad blogger I'll do a quick catch up of my week.

Monday - Slept in (woops!) woke to Cameron coming in at 8am, need to leave at 8:45 so was a bit of a rush! Caitlin came out with a nice comment on the way to school which made me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved. :) 'Mummy when you and Daddy die I'm going to get a baby bunny!' Well thanks there love! Forget going to the florists or funeral directors Caitlins right off to the pet store! Shes gonna flip when she finds out her cousin is getting a bunny for her birthday but really we just don't have the room for one. Maybe a hamster or something for Christmas though. Managed to get some errands run up town before Mark was too wiped out from the heat. That night was a PTA meeting, we're having a bingo night on Friday to raise money and I agreed to buy the food. Hot dogs and juice for 100 people, lol. I know what I'll be doing Friday!
Tuesday - Lots of meetings and things today, though they were from home so Mark could rest after yesterday which was ideal. :) We then picked kids up from school and took Cam for his MUCH needed haircut! On the way there we got stuck in a traffic jam. The lights had broke and were stuck on red. Went against all my instincts (and Caitlin was telling me off too) to go through red lights but oh well. Cam was really well behaved as he loves getting his hair done and he looks so much smarter now too. Started sorting out some of my stash tonight, trying to organise my scraps a bit more so I actually use them up.
Wednesday - Looooooong day today. The school was taking year 2 on a trip to Wicksteed park and I agreed to help out. We certainly had good weather and the kids had a great time. Got to love Caitlin though, got back to school and her teacher came up to me 'Caitlin told on you this morning' she said, oh god what did I do I thought lol 'She told me you didn't put suncream on this morning, or wear a hat and you have to do that on a school trip' Can't get away with anything with that girl! She was right though I felt dreadful tonight. Fell asleep in the car while she was at dancing though and felt a bit better afterwards lol.
Thursday - Really feels like it should be a Friday today! Helped out in school for a bit this morning then back to town to finish the jobs I didn't get done Monday. Managed to get shopping and everything done and lots of other bits too so very productive day. Tonight was spent wrapping Christmas gifts. Yeah I know I'm nuts but I feel better if I've got at least some there, if something bad happens I have some bits ready. Also wrapped a bundle of birthday gifts ready for the daft amount of parties the kids have been invited to, paid a load of bills and tidied up the garage a bit. Very ready for bed now! :)


  1. Caitlin's comments ARE the best!!!
    You should write a book Gemma :)

  2. Writing it all down really helps to jog the memory about what you actually have achieved - again, being that organised for Christmas is very scary, but extremely sensible, too! x


Thanks for your comments. :)