Monday, 22 July 2013

Too hot to blog!

my blogging has really took a hit this month hasn't it! Its just so hot and while I love it and kids are loving being outside all the time it really wipes us all out, Mark in particular bless him. I've also gone on a bit of a clearout spree. It started by just sorting out stuff in the garage to make space and some money selling on facebook, but in true 'me' style once I'd done in there I decided to do the rest of the house. :) This led to me spending most of Sunday surrounded by this
Cameron has loads of Lego sets but like all kids he loses bits and pieces during play. As well as all the sets we keep on a shelf he's got a box of random bits so I spent the day going through the box and making sure all sets were complete and built properly. Then moved onto all his board games and made sure they had all the right bits too lol. Yeah I know I'm a bit OCD in that way.
Well the Skylanders obsession is growing fast in this house! Cameron spent his pocket money on another character from Game (super fast postage, was impressed!) and decided to sell some of his older toys to get another one so Cynder is on her way in the post to us. Its crazy the amount of characters there are though. I didn't want to double up so I downloaded an app which has a list of all of them and you cross off the ones you have, but theres different versions of each one! Like we ordered him a Jet ray one for Christmas, I thought it was just Jet Ray, but apparently its Jet Ray Lightforce?! Feel very old having to do some much research on a game!
Only one more day of school before Summer hols, woo hoo! Was my last day working at the school today, was really touched as the teacher I worked with and a couple of the kids had got me gifts. As obviously I'm not there much I didn't expect anything but it was so sweet. :) Cameron also had his end of term trip to the farm so he was exhausted when he came home. In all honesty so was I so I made a spontaneous decision to go out for dinner. Problem was nobody was actually hungry for food, so for one night only (lots of fruit and veg tomorrow I swear!) this was dinner. lol
Ah one night wont kill them ;)


  1. Exactly! They wouldn't understand how awful (in the most delicious way) that kind of food is unless they got a proper diet and ate properly!

    I would need to do the sets, too! I hate it when you get one or two bits missing from something - I couldn't sell it otherwise. Well done on the clear out!

  2. Bad mother - lol - can I come next time you have tea like that?


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