Saturday, 6 July 2013

Early birthday pressies :)

Yesterday morning I got two birthday pressies in the post. First was from mark and the kids. I ordered it so knew what it was so no point putting it away for a surprise (thats my excuse anyway lol) My friend Jess did some lovely cards the other day and put them on her blog, (see here) which used a die cut polaroid. I thought she'd bought them so when I commented and she offered to cut some for me I got a bit excited and rushed off to order a die for myself. Obviously some extra bits slipped into the basket too lol. The stickers are Bo bunny family. With sayings such as 'Another awkward family photo' and 'it could be worse' I just HAD to have them for some pictures of my kids lol. And you can never have too much washi tape.
Now has much as I loved my craft stuff, it just couldn't compare to the other gift I got. A tea bag! Yes seriously I got a card and a free tea bag form Yorkshire tea. I must have signed up to them somewhere along the line, was actually quite sweet really.
Last night was a really great night :) Cameron was at my Mums so it was girls night which means munchies and crafting. :) Caitlin did some drawing and coloured in a huge Hello kitty picture, while I managed 3 layouts! The first was for the counterfeit kit challenge, the idea was to take inspiration from one of their teams blogs. Unsurprisingly I picked Lesleys. :) One thing I love on her layouts is she often uses misting or paints or inks. I'm dreadful with these, mine never goes where its supposed to and ends up just looking a mess. Rather than trying to do too much I did 'dripping', walk before you can run and all that lol. The red drips on white were actually supposed to be for a different photo but I thought they looked too much like blood to use on a snowman picture so set it aside to go in the bin lol. Then I found this photo of Cameron when he cut his finger on a walk one day and decided to use it. Its still a fairly simple layout but I opened my very neglected box of mists so that's something! :)
This layout I kinda tried to use another of Lesleys talents of using a lot of different bits to make a busier layout. Yeah it didn't work too well so I took a fair few bits off until I was happy-ish with it. Its not my fave layout but not my most hated either. The photo is of Caitlin having a 'Its not fair!' moment. The journaling reads:
I was repainting the living room and let you help on a couple of walls. You had great fun and I loved doing it with you and didn't mind the mess as the wooden floors were easy to clean. Then you wanted to paint the walls above the carpet. I said no. This was the reaction.
Well today we're off to a birthday party for my cousins twins. Wayyyyyy too hot to be stuck in a room with screaming kids imo but the things you do for family!


  1. I'd be chuffed with some Yorkshire tea through the post lol! Great Lo's and a great sticker sheet. Thank for the love xx

  2. You got inspired by me!!! - there's hope for you yet Gemma!!! I've got a set of polaroids die cuts all in different sizes :P Love your pages especially the cut finger one, it looks like he dribbled his blood on the page for you :)

  3. My favourite brand of tea - what will I do without it in Australia! Great stash haul too - lovely colours - and that die is fab. You do have your own style, you know - but it's always good to push yourself. I love the misting!

  4. Lol at the teabag, very cute :) Fab layouts and just love the tantrum photo! :)

  5. Lovely layouts and well done with the early presents x


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