Sunday, 7 July 2013

Story telling sunday

Short one this week as I'm SO tired! Mum and I went shopping today with my birthday money and got lots of new clothes and other treats :) Including the first dress I've owned since my wedding dress lol. I've got a very special wedding to go to at the end of the year as well as the holiday so wanted to get one. Found a perfect one in Oasis reduced from £45 to £22. Love bargains.
Anyway on to story telling Sunday.

Storytelling Sunday? There is no excuse for not joining in with this one! Everyone can do it. Pick Your Precious is about celebrating the little things you love: those souvenirs, bits and pieces, things from your past you can't bear to throw out. You know, the special little something you have tucked away in a drawer or up on a shelf? Or the thing you love most in a room? Or the object you would save if you knew you had to leave the country? Your favourite things
Heres the link if you want to join in here Look I can do links now :)
This month I picked our DVD players (the 360 and the PS3) . These I suppose are not precious in themselves but we are very much a movie watching family. Cameron and mark will play computer games together, Caitlin and I will craft together and we all have our individual hobbies. But we all sit together with some popcorn or crisps and watch a film together. We love the cinema but most of the time thats too expencive, seriously £40 for one films?! So instead we've joined Blockbuster online and have dvds sent to us each month.
Its also really important for Mark. Due to his illness he doesn't really get out much so having a new dvd to look forward to each week really keeps his spirits up at times, simple thing really but means a lot to our family :)


  1. I know how you feel! its lovely to go to the cinema but as a family of five its more like a day expensive and if we did something else for the money it would cost... well you know how it is and great that you have joined Blockbuster too

  2. Great story, I'm not a movie kinda girl but do love spending time with my family :)

  3. Sounds like a fab family activity - I love movies but hate the anti-social behaviour of others at the cinema so only go if there is something really special I want to see on the big screen.


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