Saturday, 20 July 2013


Well last night was the PTA fundraising bingo night! There were a few hiccups but all in all went pretty well and we raised nearly £500!! Hopefully the weather will hold out as we're planning on selling ice creams and having a themed day Tuesday to raise a bit more :)
Today Caitlin and I went shopping with Mum and Bri. It's Mollie and Evies birthdays this weeks so we went to Toys R us so Mum could get them some gifts, I tagged along to get some ideas for Caitlins Christmas lol. Well mission accomplished there! I told her to let me know when she saw something and I would photograph it on my phone, ended up with 56 photos. All could be put into one of three categories
1 - playdough
2 - make up
3 - dolls lol
But at least I have some ideas :) Felt dreadful for her though, tonight was her dancing award party. She was so excited to go and get her award for her exam but shes too poorly :( She was sick this morning in the car on the way to shops but she sometimes gets travel sick so I put it down to that. When we got home though she just kept crying and saying she was cold. Poor baby was gutted she couldn't go. :( Lots of cuddles and an ice lolly seems to be cheering her up a little. Its been a very busy week with lots of hot days and late nights so I think it might have just caught up with her. Well almost the holidays so lots of lie ins on the way!!

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