Monday, 29 July 2013

Morning after the night before

Ugh, note to self, DON'T drink on an empty stomach!!! Ugh, yesterday, after another dramatic day at my sisters house (Mollie in full meltdown, me having to retrain her, her dad visiting and punching the walls etc) we abandoned our original idea of a picnic at the park and took the kids to a local beer garden. They had a great time playing on all the play equipment and running about with the other kids :) Mummy also had a great time drinking 3 glasses of wine. Thats right 3! What a bloody lightweight I am lol. I felt fine when we were there, obviously walked home, but got home and felt dreadful! At that point remembered I hadnt eaten all day. Woops. Cuddled up with the kids and a big bottle of water and watched lots of Rugrats until bedtime. Feel fine this morning so no hangover thank goodness, though Caitlins just announced to me she has 18 hurts on her body. Well that's what happens you insist on climbing on everything and hiding in bushes love!
Well one good thing about yesterday was the cake went down well :)
Evie got so excited when we cut it and sweets came out! Everyone was impressed too so very pleased with myself lol. Really not a cheap cake but worth it for special occasions I think :)
Well off to get my hair cut today. Wasn't going to get it done until nearer the holiday but they have some new stylists in so are doing a half price offer today only, couldn't turn that down!


  1. Glad the cake went down well - I only have my haircut when there's an offer on :)

  2. Fab cake! Glad you had an ok day in the end xx

  3. Well you deserve a few glasses after making that fabulous cake!! it's brill and glad you saved yourself from getting a hangover too... not nice.

    Enjoy your time at the salon and I bet you look even more fab by the end of it too...

    Dare I mention making a cake for MB? rofl


  4. You did such a great job - I bet it tasted really lovely too. Happy haircut - that's a great bargain!


Thanks for your comments. :)