Thursday, 25 June 2015

Better late than never.

Ok I know I promised a link post yesterday but I was feeling a bit off so had an early night. Think it was a bit too much sun as it was Caitlins sports day so sat out in the sun for 4 hours helping out and watching her lol.
She did really well and came 2nd in one race and 3rd in another. She then managed to spill most of her ice pole all down her blouse lol.
My Mum had gone all around town that morning trying to find a rossette which said 'good work' or something else, all had happy birthday or something on however. Being my Mum she didnt give in though and bought some 'good work' stickers and stuck them on the top instead lol. Can see where I get my creativity from :)

So onto links! I love blogs, I'm the nosey sort so love reading about other peoples lives and getting inspiration from other crafters. So grab a coffee and have a read, these are a few of my faves :)

Snaps and snippets - Susanne is a fellow Challenge yourself team member and I'm a new follower to her blog but love it so far :) Shes a very creative scrapbooker and also posts about her daily life :) Love her current post about building your own kit!

Jesstar's ramblings - Another CY team member but Jess and I have known each other years now. :) We met on a group in UK scrappers and turned out we only lived a little while away from each other! Her blog is another scrapbooking based one but full of challenges and inspiration :)

Staring at the sea - Bit of a change, Fiona doesn't do many scrapbook layouts but does do beautiful cards and is amazing at sewing! Shes taking a break from blogging at the moment but she'll be back soon :)

Scraps of life and pieces of paper - Julia isn't a daily blogger but when she does its worth reading :) Amazing at scrapbooking, sewing and other crafts and keeps my nosey side happy by blogging about her life events too. ;)

So there's a few for you to read :) Think I might finish the crafting jobs on my table then sit with a coffee tonight and do a bit of blog hopping myself. :)


  1. Ahh, we had sports day today..Good blog links I've been reading three of them for a long while now. It's only Jesstars i've not come across before - so off to have a look now.
    Thanks for the kit info - have see like for ever kits so will check them out.

  2. Thanks for linking up my blog Gemma - I'm always keen to get new followers. Your lovely comments made me blush! Glad it was dry and sunny for sports day x


Thanks for your comments. :)