Monday, 8 June 2015

Pen licence

Today Caitlin got her pen licence at school :) Apprently this is a big deal and given only when a child can do their work almost without fault.
Needless to say Cait was very pleased with herself. :)

After school we had to drive to the next town in order to buy Caitlins new Brownies uniform. Rather than rush a dinner down the kids necks we treated them to a Mcdonalds on the way, and I treated myself to a chocolate chip frappe. Yummy!!!

Today also marked the first photo I took on the Summer scavenger hunt. I think I cheated a little but I think this just about counts as:

2. An ornate door knocker

Ok so its on a gate, but when I drove past this I just had to stop and take a picture. How random and colourful! Postmand would have no trouble finding this house lol.


  1. That's a great first scavenger find! I could just drink a caramel frappe now I've seen yours!

  2. A Pen License---that is adorable! What a great way to help kids feel special and accomplished! I do hope she learns cursive. I heard that some of the schools 'round here are doing away with it! John Hancock is turning over!


Thanks for your comments. :)